Weight Loss

Simple Exercise Program for Beginners


I’ve been exercising regularly for a few years, with tremendous improvements in my health, and whenever someone asks me how they should start out in exercise, I tell them to just get moving!

Try to get moving every day — whether it’s walking, running, strength training, sports, running around with the kids, swimming, paddling, or whatever works for you. If you can do that, you’ll get healthier and fitter over time.

People want specific programs. And while I’m not a certified trainer or an expert in any way, I have found a simple exercise program that work for me and others I know, and can recommend it. As always, if you have health problems, check with a doctor before getting into any kind of exercise program.

One last note: take it slowly. Your body needs time to adapt to the exercise, and if you overdo it you can injure yourself or burnout, and neither is good if you’re trying to stick with it long term. Progress gradually, in small steps, and you’ll stay injury-free and see great long-term results. Weight loss clothes for women

Program: Intervals for Beginners

Intervals are a great way to get intense exercise in without overdoing it. And they can be a lot of fun if steady-state cardio bores you to tears.

Start out with some steady-state cardio, though, at least for a month while you get used to moving more. Walking is a great way to start out, especially if you haven’t exercised in awhile and/or you’re pretty overweight. If you’re in decent shape with not too many extra pounds, start with some slow, light jogging.

After a month or so of doing this at least 3 times a week (4-5 is even better but not everyone has the time), you can add some light intervals. Warm up for 5 minutes first to prevent injury and to let your heart adjust to beating faster, before starting the intervals. For beginner walkers, just pick up the pace for 30-60 seconds, and then walk at a normal pace for 1-2 minutes to recover. Don’t overdo it at first. You can repeat this 3-5 times during your normal walk.

For people in slightly better shape, try walk/run intervals. Again, warm up for 5 minutes, then jog for 30-60 seconds followed by 1-2 minutes walking for recovery. Repeat 3-5 times and then cool down.

For those in even better shape, do jog/run intervals, where you jog slowly, pick up the pace to a steady run (not sprinting and not too fast) for 30-60 seconds, then back to a slow jog for 1-2 minutes recovery. Again, repeat 3-5 times.

After doing this workout for 1-2 weeks, add more intervals slowly until you’re up to about 6-8. Once you’re used to this, slowly increase the length of your intervals. Instead of 30-60 seconds, do 60-90 seconds. After a couple weeks of longer intervals, increase the intensity of the intervals — a faster walk, or a jog instead of a walk, or a faster run, depending on what you’ve been doing so far.

Intervals are a great way to burn calories and fat (assuming you’re eating fairly healthy and not overeating), strengthen your leg muscles and core, and just get healthier overall.

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