Weight loss for men over 40 – Lose belly fat in 2 weeks by drinking red tea detox

Weight loss is not an easy thing, sometimes It can be such a losing game for anyone. However, if you consistent in what you are doing, you can make it! This is a real story of Alistair  from Birmingham, England who cut 22 kilos by using homemade tea detox in just few weeks, without taking any toxic supplements or surgery!

Hi everyone,

My name is Alistair, and I’m proud to tell you of my little journey with the Red Tea Detox. I travel a lot for work, and when you’re spending a whole bunch of time in transit and airports, etc, it’s pretty easy to fall in the trap of just eating junk food all the time. When your schedule is all over the place, the last thing you can seem to try and manage is a workout regime on top of that.

weight loss for men over 40, lose belly fat fat

Alistair Buckley, Birmingham, England

However, as time has gone by, the pounds have added up, and I was certainly starting to feel the pinch around the waistline.

When my girlfriend sent me the Red Tea Detox, I must admit, I was a little bit upset! “You think I’m fat?!” was my immediate reaction. But deep down, I knew that I was, and was trying to pretend it wasn’t a problem. I also knew that she was trying to help me the best way she could, and she really felt that this was easiest thing I could add to my busy lifestyle without any major changes.

Boy was she right.

You see, when I made my first brew, I kept it cool in the fridge overnight and took it with me on a trip the next day. The first thing I noticed was how great it tasted, and sipped on it periodically throughout the following day. Before long, I was hooked on the stuff! And with the simplicity of the ingredients which are available everywhere, it meant I could make a new batch easily the following day, wherever I was in the country

 In no time, I was making a new brew of the Red Tea Detox and taking it wherever I went. I couldn’t get enough.

But the taste wasn’t the most important part – it was the results.

Within days I started to feel lighter and healthier. My belt buckle began to ease up and slowly but surely the weight started to drip off me.

I remember after being a way a week, walking into the living room and my girlfriend screaming with enthusiasm at how skinny I was. And this was all with no change to my diet at all, just the addition of Liz Swann Miller’s Red Tea! It’s been 3 months of this now, and I’m down nearly 22 kilos and I can barely believe it!

I’m the healthiest and happiest I’ve been in years, my relationship has improved 10-fold and can’t believe I’d been living my life without this all those years. Thanks Liz!

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